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Eligible Programs

Eligible Programs

Career and Technical Education Degree Programs

CRC offers a number of Associate of Arts (AA) degree options to provide professional and technical training to prepare students for specific jobs or to improve existing skills. Course requirements are identified for each vocational and general education program and listed in sequential order, in most cases. All course must be completed to earn a degree regardless of order.

Check out CRC Career and Technical Degree options.


CRC Certificate Programs are designed to provide specialized training and skills in a variety of areas in a shorter timeframe than AA degree programs.

  • Certificates of Achievement (A) require 18 units or more
  • Certificates of Proficiency (P) provide career technical education requiring less than 18 units to complete.
  • Students must complete 12 units at CRC to meet the Los Rios residency requirement to earn a certificate.
  • Students enrolled in certificates programs requiring less than twelve units must take all of the units at CRC to meet the residency requirement.

Check out CRC Certificate options.

Please note: Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) are not permitted and will not be approved for the Fresh Success Program.

Additional note: Students in the Pharmacy Technology Program (PTP) may be subject to immunization requirements, random drug screenings and a national background check. Please see the Pharmacy Technology website for detailed program requirements. If funds are available, Fresh Success students may be eligible to receive reimbursement for fingerprinting, immunization, drug screening and TB Testing.

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