Student Life and Leadership Center


Say hello to our SLLC Team!

Say hello to our SLLC Team!



Sharon Dayal- Student Personnel Assistant (Temp)

My name is Sharon Dayal. I am currently a Graduate student at California State University, Sacramento for the Counseling program in hopes of becoming a School or College Counselor. My hobbies include cooking and writing poetry. I work as a Student Personnel Assistant in the SLLC office at Cosumnes River College. Feel free to drop in if you have any questions or assistance with campus activities!


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Olympia Burston- Student Personnel Assistant (Temp)

My name is Olympia Burston. I graduated with my bachelors degree from UC Davis. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and currently work in the SLLC office as a Student Personnel Assistant.


Shianne Lee- Spirit Assistant

My name is Shianne Lee. I am an Anthropology major. I love to edit fan music videos, take portraits of people, and play card/board games.



Vielka Sarabia- Spirit Assistant

My name is Vielka Sarabia (Vee-el-kuh Sa-rah-bee-uh.) I am an undecided major, but I know I want to become a veterinarian because I love animals. Some of my hobbies are to go out and dance to Mexican music, going to Bailes, and doing my makeup.  

Student Senate

Ahriana -

Ahrianna Levingston - President

My name is Ahriana Levingston and I am currently Student Senate President. I am a Theatre major. My career goal is to be a Mythology Expert. Previous leadership roles at CRC are Clubs and Events Board Commissioner and Drama Club President. Hobbies I enjoy are cooking and reading all forms of literature. Fellow students know that I am here for you and, I wish for you a successful and good time.




Jalen Pettaway - Senator

My name is Jalen Pettaway and I am currently a Senator at CRC and an undecided major. I am leaning toward an Environmental related major because I just love the way the world works and how we can make it better. My hobbies include watching movies and playing video games.

Clubs and Events Board (CAEB)


November Rain - CAEB Commissioner

My name is November Rain and I am currently the CAEB Commissioner at CRC. I am a photography major that dabbles in the studies of culture, religion, and language. My plans in the photography field are to travel the World and be able to study first hand all cultures. I also wish to create a magazine that depicts all that i have learned. My hobbies include reading, drawing, learning languages, listening to music from all over the world, and of course photography.