Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces Activities

Safe Spaces Activities

The Safe Spaces Program sponsors and co-sponsors a variety of events on campus including the annual observation of the Day of Silence, various staff development workshops, one time events such as the What I Be project, and the Safe Spaces Day awareness campaign held in February. What inspires you? We are always looking for new ways to promote safe spaces on campus and would like to hear from you! For example, we are inspired by this....Love Has No Labels.

Links for our projects can be found here:

Day of Silence


Safe Spaces Day

What I Be Project: The What I Be project, conceptualized by Steve Rosenfield is a series of portraits in which individuals reveal an insecurity about themselves by writing a word or symbol on their face or upper body and then providing a caption that starts with, "I am not my (blank)..." Mr. Rosenfield photographed members of our own CRC community for this project and his photos was on exhibit in the CRC library in 2012.

Please follow these links for more on the What I Be @ CRC Project:

Mr. Rosenfield's Presentation at CRC

Mr. Rosenfield's What I Be Project Website

Ganesh Photography Facebook Site

What I be.

Inclusiveness Projects

Inclusiveness Projects

CRC strives to be an inclusive community, we like to acknowledge projects that help us reach that goal!

In September 2016 we got our first gender inclusive restroom located in the Southeast Office Complex:

Gender inclusive restroom