Financial Aid

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

A Cosumnes River College financial aid student must take responsibility for the following:

  1. Review, understand, and consider all information about Cosumnes River College academic programs and regulations before enrolling. If enrolled in a certificate program, you must be enrolled in an eligible certificate program. Ineligible Certificates
  2. Complete all the application forms accurately and submit them on time. All errors must be corrected before any financial aid can be released. Intentional misreporting of information on application forms for federal financial aid is a federal law violation.
  3. Promptly return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, copies, and/or new information requested by the Financial Aid Office.
  4. Read and understand all forms that you are asked to submit. Keep a copy for your records. 
  5. If you borrowed a Federal Direct Loan, you must notify your servicer of any changes to your names, address, or college status. 
  6. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  7. Know and comply with Financial Aid deadlines.
  8. Declare an eligible educational goal and progress towards that goal in a timely manner by making Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  9. Have a high school diploma, high school equivalency score, or a GED.
  10. Confirm that your name, address, date of birth, and social security number match with the following agencies/offices: Admissions and Records Office, CA Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Administration, and US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  11. Send official transcripts to the CRC Admissions and Records Office for all prior completed coursework.
  12. Only receive financial aid from one institution. You cannot receive financial aid from two or more schools at the same time or periods of overlapping terms. You will be billed if this should occur and any/all unpaid balance will be forwarded to U S Department of Education for collection.
  13. Submit a Consortium Request in order to be considered for funding for courses you are taking at other Los Rios Colleges. Consortium classes must be part of your educational program of study, and approved by a CRC Counselor. 
  14. Understand that the U.S. Department of Education or CRC Financial Aid Office may select your file for a process called Verification at any time. 
  15. Understand the Award Recalculation and Repayment policy. On the scheduled Recalculation Date for each term, your financial aid eligibility will be re-determined based on units you are enrolled as of that date. If you have reduced your enrollment, your award will be recalculated to determine what percentage you must pay back to the financial aid program(s). Award increases will likewise be calculated for enrollment increases, if applicable. Courses added after the recalculation date will not be counted or increase your financial aid. In addition, completing the semester with only "F", "W", "I" "NC" and "NP" grades will be evaluated. You may be billed for the unearned portion of financial aid received.
  16. Understand that disbursements will not be ordered until instruction begins and active enrollment is verified.
  17. Understand that you may only submit a Direct Loan Request after you have completed the FAFSA and grant eligibility has been determined.
  18. If you are male, did you register with selective service? All male citizens and resident aliens must register for Selective Service if you are between the ages of 18 and 26. If you came to the United States after your 26th birthday you are exempt from this law. Any male who is not registered will not qualify for federal funding. You can register via mail at your local post office, online at, or by using the FAFSA itself answering "Yes" to question 22.

A Cosumnes River College student receiving financial aid has the right to the following:

  1. Information on federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs.
  2. Notice of deadlines of applications of each financial aid program and for any supporting documentation.
  3. Explanation of the various elements in your financial aid package and how and when you will receive your financial aid. 
  4. Explanation of the costs to attend CRC and the policies if you withdraw.
  5. Explanation of how your financial aid offer was determined.
  6. Explanation of the portion of your financial aid that is a grant and how much must be paid back if a applicable. If you are offered a loan, you have the right to know the interest rate, the total amount that must be repaid, your repayment options, when repayment begins, how long you have to repay, and conditions of deferments and cancelations.
  7. Explanation of how to be considered for additional aid if your financial circumstances change.
  8. Explanation of how Cosumnes River College determines whether or not a student is making Satisfactory Academic Progress. Financial Aid can only be disbursed for courses that are applicable to your program of study. 
  9. Explanation of how to reapply for financial aid for subsequent years.

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Financial Aid

Visit the IRS website online in order to request and print either your Tax Return Transcript or Wage and Income Transcript.