Disability Support (DSPS)

FAQs for Students

FAQs for Students



Does DSPS provide assistance with enrolling and registering for classes at CRC?

DSPS helps students navigate the matriculation process once they have followed the steps on the New Students page. Therefore, students must enroll through admissions and records, take the necessary assessments, and utilize college student services resources and programs as needed (e.g. financial aid). At the DSPS intake appointment, the counselor will review eligible DSPS services.

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Does CRC or DSPS offer transportation services to students with disabilities?

The College does not offer any transportation within the college or outside the college. Students are responsible for scheduling their own transportation.

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What type of verification does the DSPS office accept?

The office will accept written verification of disability completed by the professional providing the diagnosis. For additional information, see Step 2 on the New Students page.

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Do I need to make an appointment at DSPS or do I walk in to the office (BS-104)?

Yes, it is necessary to make an appointment to see a DSPS counselor.

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Can I be seen by a DSPS professional if I do not have verification?

DSPS provides services to students who present written verification or documentation of disability. Learn more by visiting the New Students page.

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If I have been absent from college, do I need to apply again to DSPS?

If you have been absent from our college for more than one semester, you must reestablish yourself with DSPS. Please make an appointment to do this.

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If I am part of your program, when should I make an appointment to request accommodation for my semester classes?

We recommend you contact DSPS at least two weeks in advance of the beginning of the semester to schedule an appointment.

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Will DSPS communicate my accommodation needs to my instructor(s)?

It is the responsibility of the DSPS student to obtain the accommodation letters from the DSPS office and then meet with the instructor(s) to review their accommodation needs.

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What should I bring to my DSPS appointment for accommodation letters?

Please bring a copy of current class schedule. Letters may be obtained for courses you are officially enrolled in.

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What must I do after I obtain letters from DSPS?

Please deliver each letter to your instructor and set up a time to discuss the listed accommodations with the instructor. Discussions should occur prior to the need for the accommodation whenever possible. Any concerns that cannot be resolved with the instructor at this meeting should be directed to the DSPS Coordinator prior to implementation of the accommodations. The student is responsible for initiating discussion to implement details of the accommodations.

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What if I do not get the note taking assistance which I have an accommodation for in a class?

The student should meet with the course instructor first to address concerns about obtaining notes for the class. If this is not resolved within a reasonable time (often a couple of class meetings or a week depending on how often the class meets), the student or the instructor should request assistance from DSPS for alternate solutions.

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What if I am not getting other accommodations such as extending time during an exam?

If you feel that you are not obtaining reasonable accommodations as stated on the Confidential Memo presented to your instructor, then you should first approach your instructor to discuss concerns. If you still need assistance, contact the DSPS Coordinator.

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What if I want to file a formal complaint or grievance regarding discrimination on the basis of disability?

You can contact the Vice President of Students Services (College Center Bldg., 691-7487). You may also contact the California Office of Civil Rights in San Francisco.

For more information please contact the DSPS office at (916) 691-7275.

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