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Jump Start for Job Search

Jump Start for Job Search


The job market is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up with what skills and characteristics employers are looking for. Stay up to date with what is going in the world by reading the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and the Washington Post, or learn more about the labor market in California and the general outlook for particular jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


If you are a student with a disability, consider utilizing employment resources such as Disability Benefits 101, Job Accomodation Network, Project Hired, or apply to work with the State of California through the LEAP Program.

There are also various job search engines and resources for veterans, such as Career One Stop, Hire Patriots, Network of Care for Service Members, Veterans and their Families, Recruit Military, U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, and Vet Success. 

If you are a student of color and/or student who identifies as LGBTQ with a unique commitment to diversity and social justice, consider utilizing employment resources such as Diversity Employers, Hispanic Jobs, or Out of Work. 

If you are a student interested in employment related to public safety and service careers, consider utilizing Fire Science Online


1. Network online and off-line.

Attend career & job fairs, contact professors and counselors, and forge relationships with new friends and colleagues. Participate in appropriate mailing lists and online forums such as LinkedIn.

Remember that referrals are 3 to 4 times more likely to be hired for a position, so networking is the best way to find a new job.

2. Research and contact target employers.

Use telephone books, business directories, association links, industry sites, employer websites, and search engines, and then contact them via e-mail or telephone. 

Focus on employers that you truly want to work for in industries that truly interest you. 

3. Refine and distribute your resume.

Contact the CRC Career Center immediately to have the Career Counselor review your resume. E-mail copies to employers, networking contacts, and post in online databases. Tailor every resume you distribute to that particular employer, contact, or job position.

Be smart when distributing your resume online & offline. Protect your identity by limiting access to your contact information.

4. Keep searching. 

Don't stop the job search just because you think an offer may be forthcoming. Keep developing new leads as there is always a strong chance that a hitch may occur and the job you counted on won't develop.

5. Evaluate your campaign.

If you've been looking longer than you expected, perhaps your job search tools or your approach have been weak. Review your cover letter, resume, and interview skills. Could they be improved? If so, contact the CRC Career Specialist today.



Job Search Resources