Behavioral Intervention Response Team


Behavioral intervention Response Team

Behavioral intervention Response Team

How do I make a referral to the BIRT?

Please use the online BIRT incident report form.

What behaviors should I refer to the BIRT?

  • Self-injurious behavior--(Suicidal ideation/attempt, cutting behavior, dangerous alcohol/substance abuse consumption, etc).


  • Disruptive behavior that violates campus community safety-- (homicidal threats, stalking, assault, cyber bullying, carrying weapons, etc)


  • Unusual behavior-- (​changes in personality, depressive symptoms, shifts in mood, unexplained irritability and/or lethargy, hopelessness, etc.).

What happens after I make a referral to the BIRT?

  • BIRT will meet to discuss the referral
  • Immediate action may be taken depending upon the situation
  • Additional information from the referring party and other individuals may be collected
  • The NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool is utilized
  • Appropriate intervention is determined and action is taken
  • Acknowledgment of referral submission is provided 

Will I receive feedback after making a referral to the BIRT?

A Notice of Completion of the BIRT process is provided with select information consistent with FERPA, confidentiality and other legal considerations.