CRC19: Courses

ECE 321 Advanced Practicum in Early Childhood Education

Units: 4

Hours: 36 hours LEC; 108 hours LAB

Prerequisite: ECE 300, 312, 320, and 326 with grades of "C" or better

Enrollment Limitation:

Under California law (Title 22) any persons working directly with children must provide proof of current Tuberculosis clearance and provide any required proof of immunizations (currently: measles, pertussis, and influenza/influenza waiver).

Transferable: CSU


The advanced practicum course provides supervised experience for students as teachers in an early childhood education program and is aimed at building leadership in the areas of developing environments for learning, child observation and assessment, documentation of children's work, guiding behavior, group management, collaborative teaching, supporting relationships with families, and effective preparation and implementation of curriculum. In an early childhood setting and under the guidance of a mentor teacher, students will build on introductory experiences offered in Introduction to Curriculum. Students will be assigned to the campus child development centers or centers with approved mentor teachers for the supervised laboratory experience. Lecture and laboratory components provide opportunities to plan, provision, and supervise the overall learning setting. Course work is aimed at mastering classroom leadership in the areas of child observation, documentation of children's work, child assessment, guidance of behavior, group management, collaborative teaching and effective oversight of long-term study projects. Before beginning lab assignments, students must show proof of TB clearance and documentation of all required vaccinations.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

SLO# 1: Appraise philosophies, principles, and practices of early childhood education that are formulated from research-based theories of how young children learn within a social and cultural context.