CRC19: Courses

BUS 340 Business Law

Units: 3

Hours: 54 hours LEC

Prerequisite: None.

Transferable: CSU; UC


This course focuses on the law and its relationship to the environment of business. The course covers the legal system; court process and procedures; alternative dispute resolution; government regulation of business; constitutional law; contracts, both under the common and the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.); torts; business organizations; property rights; and agency and employment law. While covering a broad range of substantive laws related to business, the course also stresses critical thinking and analytical evaluation of legal issues surrounding business including ethics and social responsibility.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

SLO 1: Demonstrate the ability to understand important legal principles, concepts, and terminology, and to explain how they affect the environment of business and societal interactions.