CRC19: Courses

ADT 314 Architectural 3D Modeling

Units: 3

Hours: 36 hours LEC; 54 hours LAB

Prerequisite: ADT 310 and 312 with grades of "C" or better; Under special circumstances, such as prior outside experience, a student may take ADT 314 prior to taking ADT 312 but must obtain the instructor's permission. These courses are sequential prerequisites for this course.

Advisory: DRAFT 312

Transferable: CSU; UC

This course covers the introduction to 3-dimensional modeling and rendering for building structures and spatial analysis studies, Green Building/LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) material and guidelines application. Course subject areas will include shapes, splines, meshes, light, shadows, models, materials, scene creation, animations, and creating exterior and interior architectural and construction objects with software such as 3ds Max Design®.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

SLO #1; Utilize shape and primitive elements in the development of conceptual 3D architectural models and rendered images.