SLO Assessment Portal

SLO Assessment Portal

This SLO Assessment Portal provides easy access to a variety of resources that have been developed to support the College's SLO development and assessment processes.

Click here if you want to submit an Assessment Plan or Report

Click here if you need the Convocation Program Outcomes Assessment Materials

Click here to view previous semester assessment reports 

Click here to find CRC's college-wide and program outcomes

Click here to review your department's assessment plan from your 2009 PrOF

Click here to go to your 2009, 2011, and 2013 PrOF (log-in required)

Need help with planning or implementing an assessment?  The following links to the left might help:

The Course/Activity Assessment FAQ, which addresses 10 questions about the college's recently implemented course/activity assessment reporting system. 

The BRIC Tap Course Assessment Tool Kit, which contains 21 Case Studies of Course Assessments conducted across the state. The case studies can be accessed via assessment type or by the discipline. A philosophy of assessment along with links to other examples of assessment are also included in this resource.

Academic Senate's 2010 SLO Glossary which contains the definition of over 40 terms relevant to the development and/or assessment of student learning outcomes.

CRC's General Outcomes Resources page which provides access to the history of the college's work in this area, SLO handbooks, readings. and external resources related to outcomes development and assessment.

CRC's Program Outcomes Resources link which provides access to PowerPoint presentations and colloquia materials relevant to program assessment in student services and instructional programs.

CRC's Course/Activity Outcomes Resource Page which provides access to PowerPoint presentations, handbooks and readings relevant to course and/or activity assessment.

Select the Learning Outcomes Dialog Subcommittee link to see what they have been doing!