Faculty and Staff Resource Guide

Student Conduct

Student Conduct

This section of the Faculty/Staff Resource Guide outlines policies and procedures related to student conduct. There is also a section of the Los Rios CCD Board Policies/Regulations related to Standards of Conduct and Due Process. In addition to the information provided below, please see additional links under 'Student Behavior in the Classroom', under 'Faculty Resources'.

Academic Honesty, Plagiarism & Cheating

Catalog Rights -- regarding graduation

Demonstrations-Student Right to Free Assembly - Under the Los Rios CCD Policy on students rights and responsibilities, see 'Free Assembly' (Policy 2410, Section 1.3)

Dress - The dress on campus shall be in accord with the dictates of custom and good taste in a college environment

Drug and Alcohol Free Environment - Los Rios CCD Policy on maintaining a drug and alcohol-free environment for students and employees

Expectations for Student Behavior

Fund Raising & Selling by Student Organizations - Recognized student organizations may raise funds on campus for purposes related to the organization's objectives under the following conditions:

  • Authorization by the advisor of the organization
  • Approval of the Student Development Office
  • Deposit of collected funds must be deposited to the student organization's account in the Business Office within twenty-four (24) hours of collection
  • Use of funds collected must be approved by the organization's advisor

All other fund raising, selling, or solicitation for donations or memberships, for any organization not directly under the control of the College, is prohibited. Please see the following LRCCD Policy and accompanying regulations, for more detail on: Fundraising & Soliciting

Library Materials - All library property and material must be checked out before being taken from the Library. Library fines must be paid in full before grades or transcripts are released.

Posting Materials on Campus - Student fliers, advertisements, or other student-related activities must be approved by the Student Development Office before posting in approved locations. Commercial posting or other non-student oriented materials must be approved by the Facilities Office. Unauthorized material will be removed. Approval is subject to Los Rios CCD Policy and campus regulations: Distribution and Posting of Materials (Policy 3.0 and Regulation 4.0)

Sexual Harassment - Los Rios CCD Policy on providing all students and employees an educational environment and work place free from sexual harassment

Smoking - No smoking is allowed within 30 feet of any structure on all Los Rios campuses.

Student Discipline Process