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Beginning of Semester Information

Beginning of Semester Information

Important Information for Faculty

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Final Exams
Los Rios CCD Policy P-7200(9.0) requires that final projects, portfolios, performances, examinations, or other assessments must be completed by students enrolled in all courses. Grading principles are that every student be required to participate in the final course assessment. In addition, faculty members must meet their classes during the time scheduled for final assessment or examination, as the hours allocated for such activities are a portion of the total instructional hours for the course. Faculty should plan their final course assessments or exams so they have sufficient time to submit their final grades in accordance with the deadlines established by the District.

Full Term Classes hold Final Exams during Finals Week. Full-Term combination Lecture and Lab classes have the Final Exam based on the time of the Lecture. The associated Lab does not meet during Finals week. 8-Week, 5-Week and Other Term (OT) classes hold the Final Exam during the last class meeting. Please click on this link for the current semester's schedule: Final Exam Schedule

Finals Week Office Hours
According to the LRCFT Contract, you are not obligated to hold office hours during finals week on days you are not scheduled to hold a final exam. However, you are obligated to hold your normal number of required weekly office hours (e.g. if you normally have five office hours per week, then you need to hold five office hours during finals week). During finals week, you are obligated to come to campus each day of finals, unless you meet the exceptions for a 4-day week in Article #4.7 in the LRCFT contract. This "on campus" obligation includes neither a time-specific nor location-specific requirement.