Faculty and Staff Resource Guide

Course & Classroom Information

Course & Classroom Information

Preparing for and Conducting Your Class

Curriculum Course Outline
You should have a copy of the official course outline, which is available from your division dean and in SOCRATES, the web-based curriculum management system. The course outline contains the basic course structure that must be followed. This ensures that individual courses are consistent with the course standards approved through the Curriculum process, regardless of which faculty member teaches the course.  Your course syllabus should be written to provide the complete listing of course requirements, expectations, and outcomes, along with the schedule for your class meetings and detailed descriptions of major assignments, and ongoing homework assignments.  Please see the section of this Faculty/Staff Resource Guide on Class Syllabus for more detail.

Office Hours
Holding office hours is part of the contractual obligation of all full-time faculty and should include five hours per week and an additional 11 hours to be included throughout the semester.  Faculty who teach a minimum of .2 FTE online are eligible to hold a minimum of one office hour per week online, and can hold up to a maximum of two office hours online per week for online classes over a .2 FTE load.

Adjunct faculty who teach a .2 to .39 FTE load are eligible for compensation for 9 or 18 office hour per semester. Adjunct faculty who teach a .4 FTE or higher load are eligible for compensation for 18, 27, or36 office hours per semester. More detail is available on the Adjuncts page of this Faculty and Staff Resource Guide.

All faculty must submit their office hours schedule to the division office and list it on each class syllabus.  All faculty should post their weekly schedule, including office hours on or near their office doors.

Finals Week Office Hours
According to the LRCFT Contract, you are not obligated to hold office hours during finals week on days you are not scheduled to hold a final exam. However, you are obligated to hold your normal number of required weekly office hours (e.g. if you normally have five office hours per week, then you need to hold five office hours during finals week). During finals week, you are obligated to come to campus each day of finals, unless you meet the exceptions for a 4-day week in Article #4.7 in the LRCFT contract. This "on campus" obligation includes neither a time-specific nor location-specific requirement.