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Center for Professional Development

Welcome to the Center for Professional Development!

We are dedicated to promoting the highest levels of teaching, learning, and service. We encourage campus-wide collaboration in an effort to foster student success.

Upcoming PD Events

Upcoming PD Events

Dec 17
Vendor Packet Training
2:30 pm

 Do you, or does your administrative support, process vendor packets or hold campus events? If so, please join us! 
The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has improved this process through automation.
At this training, you will receive valuable process updates. 

RSVP to Andrea Dean at deanA (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu.

Feb 01
First Friday with @ONE: Creating a Sense of Belonging in Online Classes
11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Join @ONE and your CCC peers across the state on the first Friday of the month to connect, share, and learn.

Webinars will occur at 11:00am and 12:00pm on the theme of Creating a Sense of Belonging in Online Classes

Keep your eyes on this event for more details as we approach First Fridays with @ONE!

Feb 22
Guided Pathways From a Career Perspective
8:30 am to 12:30 pm

How can implementation of guided pathways help improve the cultural, social, and economic well-being of our students? How can and should students' economic realities shape implementation of guided pathways? Join your colleagues in an interactive workshop focused on what guided pathways from a career perspective can mean for our students. This workshop is presented by Kathy Booth, Associate Director of the California Guided Pathways Project and Senior Research Associate with WestEd. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

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