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Program Evaluation and Reports

Program Evaluation and Reports

2017 - 2018

Graduate Exit Survey Report: 2017-2018

Awards - Trend Data (2013-14 through 2017-18)

Evaluation of First-Year Experience:

2017 Evaluation of First-Year Experience


Evaluation of Multiple Measures Placement:

English: English MMAP Evaluation

Math: Math MMAP Evaluation


Evaluation of Academic Support Programs:





2016 - 2017

Evaluation of Student Educational Plan Evaluation:


Evaluation of Academic Support Programs:





2015 - 2016

Evaluation of Academic Support Programs and Student Success Studies:






Internal Reports from 2014-15 and older:

The following 2014 report provides an overview of the Community College Survey of Student Engagement Results:Overview of CCSSE Results

The following 2014 report analyzes the teaching methodology, student success and student perceptions in five online classes: Online Courses Research Project


This 2013 report identifies the number of CRC students who transferred to a California public university between 2010-11 and 2012-13: CRC Student Transfers

The following 2012 report examines the fall-to-spring student persistence of CRC students from Fall 2007 through Fall 2012 (persistence is defined as a student enrolling in a particular fall semester who enrolls in the subsequent spring semester): CRC Student Persistence Rates

This 2012 report analyzes the cohort of first time students in 2005-06 used to calculate the Student Progress and Achievement Rate in the Accountability Report for Community Colleges.

This 2009 report provides an expanded view of CRC's transfer function based on a review of NSLC data.

The following 2008 reports by Dr. Jeanne Edman examined the relationship between a student's perception of their efficacy to handle college-level work and their actual collegiate performance:

CRC has participated in the Noel-Levitz student satisfaction survey for over 10 years. The following are summary reports of CRC student responses to the survey by the year it was administered:

In 2007 the CRC Research Office, using data from the SARS Counselor Appointment System, examined a possible relationship between seeing a counselor and overall course success: Relationship Between Seeing a Counselor and Course Success