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Sophos Anti-virus at Home

Sophos Anti-virus at Home

Sophos Antivirus is available to all employees of the Cosumnes River College for personal (Home) machines.

Many ISP (Internet Service Providers) will provide an Antivirus product to subscribers as part of the ISP’s service plan.

Cosumnes employees who have more machines then the ISP covers, or who do not want to use the ISP’s product may choose Sophos as an alternative.


Installation and Purchase Limitations
Technical assistance from Cosumnes River College is limited since the Work-at-Home software resides on personal machines that are not owned or managed by the College.  

The Los Rios  IT Support HelpDesk will not be able to assist with training, application support, or the installation of the Work-at-Home products on your personal device. 

To install Sophos, please go to and follow the instruction on the page.