Political Science

Welcome from the Dean!

Welcome from the Dean!

It is with pride and delight that I welcome you to the Cosumnes River College Global Studies Program website. This program is the result of a wonderful interdisciplinary connection among faculty from the Humanities and Social Science Division at CRC, and it provides our students with a unique opportunity to see new connections in the world.

As politics, media, business and culture have made us all global citizens, this program is an excellent opportunity for students pursuing studies in political science, humanities, journalism, history, international business, and other fields with a multicultural emphasis. In addition, students may earn certificates for courses of study in Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. There are also opportunities for students to focus on the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Whether you’re a student interested in transferring to a four-year program, or someone already engaged in an international career, the Global Studies Program at CRC has something for you.

If you are familiar with Cosumnes River College at all, you know that we are an institution focused on innovation, collaboration, and student success. The Global Studies Program is a perfect example of the quality of education a student can receive here. Please enjoy the website, and take the opportunity to peruse the courses, the certificate programs, and our special emphasis on helping students to become authentic members of the world community.

If you have any questions about the CRC Global Studies Program, please contact Professor Martin Morales, director of the program, at (916) 691-7114.