Allied Health

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions AH

AH 108
Introduction to Allied Health
1 Unit
Prerequisite: None.
Hours: 18 hours LEC
This course provides an introduction to the medical field. Topics include the history of medicine; law and ethics as they pertain to the medical field; confidentiality and reportable incidents; usage of reference materials; and various types of health care delivery systems and allied health careers, including scope of practice. This course is open to all students wishing to explore the health care industry.
AH 110
Medical Language for Health-Care Providers
3 Units
Prerequisite: None.
Hours: 54 hours LEC
This course is an orientation to medical language: basic structure of medical terms and their components: prefixes, suffixes, roots, and combining forms with emphasis on analyzation, meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. The course builds a medical vocabulary applicable to the specialties of medicine, the systems of the body, names of major diseases, and terms used in physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment.
AH 120
Human Disease
3 Units
Prerequisite: None.
Corequisite: AH 110 and BIOL 102 (Corequisites may be taken previously. BIOL 100 or 430/431 are also acceptable)
Hours: 54 hours LEC
This course is a study of pathological processes imparting basic knowledge to paramedical personnel. The student will study the basic concepts, terminology, etiology and characteristics of pathological processes. Diseases are classified according to both causative agent and the body system to which they relate.
AH 124
Pharmacology for the Health Care Professional
2 Units
Prerequisite: None.
Hours: 36 hours LEC
This course introduces pharmacology, the knowledge of basic pharmacological terminology and concepts, administration, common generic and trade name medications, with an emphasis on the clinical application of pharmacology of the treatment of disease.
AH 295
Independent Studies in Allied Health
1-3 Units
Prerequisite: None.
Hours: 54 hours LEC; 162 hours LAB
An independent studies project involves an individual student or small group of students in study, research, or activities beyond the scope of regularly offered courses. See the current catalog section of "Special Studies" for full details of Independent Studies.
AH 299
Experimental Offering in Allied Health
.5-4 Units
Prerequisite: None
Hours: 18 hours LEC; 54 hours LAB