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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


What is the outlook for entry-level employment in this field?
The jobs are there in Sacramento for qualified workers according to Professor Kirkham. They will find most opportunities with architectural, architectural engineering and construction firms. This occupation is not growing rapidly (3% in California for 2005 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) but currency in skills is critical for success.

How well do CRC graduates compete in this entry-level market?
Once they have taken ADT 300, 310 and 312, they are ready for internships and the job market. Employers do call and request students to fill their needs. Professor Kirkham stresses a “multi-discipline” approach to teaching and feels that this leads to the greatest opportunity for his students in the labor market.

What is the pay range from entry-level pay to high end with experience in this career?
Bureau of Labor Statistics data for the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade SMA put 2005 wages at $14.01 at the lowest 10% of workers to a median of $21.25 per hour to a high of $29.46 for the top 10% of workers.

What other jobs are related to or made possible by experience or training in this field? What is the potential for advancement in this career?
Sample of reported job titles
(from O’NET OnLine at Architect, Intern Architect, Drafter, Draftsman, Architectural Drafter, Project Manager, CAD Technician (Computer-Aided Design Technician), CADD Operator (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Operator), Designer, Project Architect

  • A person who really understands the best way to use software might advance to “CAD manager”. They would be responsible for getting the firms CAD technicians to work in the most productive fashion. One might also become a trainer for new releases.
  • These software and design skills complement many other careers in the huge construction and engineering field.