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Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Spotlight: James Clark Memorial Scholarship

Coach Clark

In 2004 the Clark family, through the CRC Foundation (now Office of Philanthropy) started the James Clark Memorial Scholarship for continuing student athletes. Recipients receive $1,000 to assist with their educational needs. Donations for the scholarship come from the generosity of family and friends. As of 2018 with the help of the CRC Office of Philanthropy and Our Promise/United Way, we have presented $14,000 in Scholarship funds. Learn more about file icon.the legacy of Jim Clark.pdf.  

Scholarship Recipients Express Gratitude

Yara Barghout Yara Barghout - 2012 CRC Steve Krisiak Athletic Department Scholarship 

After my two years at CRC, I transferred to Sac State where I earned my BS in Kinesiology and a minor in business administration in the Spring of 2016. Starting in high school, during CRC and Sac State, I worked at International  Gymnastics Centre as a coach and weekend operations manager until 2017. After graduating from Sac State, I worked in Elk Grove Unified School District as a substitute teacher for 2 years in grades K-12. This school year, I am working on my Masters of Science in Sport Management degree at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. It is a 12 month program and I  am on track to graduate in 2019. I am currently looking for an internship in sport management and plan on working in EGUSD, subbing, when I come home for breaks. During my time at CRC, while playing on the volleyball team, I also ice skated competitively, which I still do today! I’d like to give a   huge thanks to the donors for making scholarships possible not only for myself, but for others as well! 


Cameron Crouch

Cameron Crouch - 2015 Agriculture Ambassador Continuing Student Scholarship 

I transferred first to CSU Chico for spring semester 2017 and I transferred last fall to UC Davis as an Agriculture and Environmental Education major. I work part time as a student assistant to the IEPR Team for the California Energy Commission downtown. I work on special projects for the Executive Director on a regular basis and for the Commissioners. I still believe that CRC has the best professors who are teaching life skills that can be applied to any career path. I am proud to have earned my associates degree from CRC and thankful for the experience. 




Fran HooperFran Hooper - 2009 CRC Patrons Club Re-Entry Award

My first day of college ever was when I began CRC at the age of 37 in August 2008. I started college the same week my youngest son entered Kindergarten. I loved being able to attend on-campus classes while my kids were at school. I really wanted the in-class, sitting under a professor part of the college experience. I was blessed with encouraging professors who guided me on my journey. These included Rick Boeck, Daniel DuBray and Georgina Hodgkinson. Fortunately, the increased availability of online classes provided the balance I needed as a student with a family. Though I had to take 3 summer classes and spend 2 semesters carrying 21 units, I earned my AA in Organizational Communication in May 2010. That fall, I transferred to Sac State where I earned my BA in Communication Studies in May 2012 at the age of 40.  After graduation, I began substitute teaching in my community district. Initially, I started doing it because the hours were very family friendly.  However, I began to realize that the elementary school classroom was my calling. This fall, I took one more step in my educational journey and began pursuing my teaching credential through an online program, CalStateTEACH at Fresno State. I plan to have my preliminary credential after completing the program in December 2019. I have been privileged to have the opportunity to return to school as an adult. Every step of the process has been enriching but Cosumnes River College will always have a special place in my heart. One of my sons began attending in August. Another plans to attend when he graduates from high school in 2021. I am grateful and proud to consider Cosumnes River College a new family tradition.