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Faculty: Billie Miller


Billie Miller, Ph.D., Business Department


bookmark: The process of marking a document or a specific place in a document so that it may be located easily again with a single command.

breadcrumbs: A feature which offers a way to see your “trail”—or where you have been.

browser: A graphic interface program that provides user-friendly techniques for searching and viewing World Wide Web (www) Internet sites.

chat: Online communication with other students. The professor will be present at scheduled hours.

classmates: A list of student names, e-mail addresses, homepage links, etc.

collaborating: The posting of questions/comments and responding to questions/comments of other class members for the entire class to view.

comments: Thoughts to be discussed by classmates or to be responded to by the professor.

cookie: A device that permits a Web site to identify and collect information about every user who visits that site.

download: The process of transmitting a file from one computer to another, e.g., the process of transferring a file or files from the Internet (or other online) to the user’s computer.

electronic mail (e-mail): A system for the transmission of computer-generated messages and documents from one point to another through the use of telephone lines, satellite, microwaves, or direct cable.

homepage: An opener that usual outlines the contents of a Web site and provides links to other pages on the site.

Internet: An extensive system of connected computers that comprise a vast number of networks made up of millions of host computers.

link: A quick access to a specific Web site.

navigate: To move from one point to another within computer software programs.

netiquette: A set of guidelines for formatting and composing e-mail messages.

online: Computers and/or peripherals turned on, connected, and ready to send and receive data. Computers connected to the Internet though an Internet service provider.

status: A record of grade points earned to date.

thread: A series of posted messages that represents an ongoing discussion of a specific topic in a bulletin-board system, a newsgroup, or a Web site.

World Wide Web (www): A vast network of computers on the Internet that host documents formatted with graphics, sound, and other media. These documents may be accessed with an online connection and appropriate software. Commonly referred to as “the Web.”

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